Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Side Note

My new FACEBOOK page! All designs posted for sale! Color and style may very to your taste ^-^

Here's The Plan Stan




ARIANNA BALLINGER~OF designs by ari!



All designs for purchase

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Sale

Tired of those old crappy sweaters? Feel bad for hating the ones your grandma sent? 

Well send them Ari's way!

5DEC11 & 6DEC11

 For 2 days only I will be taking up to 8 new orders!

I will rework your ugly sweater into something beautiful and trendy so you can have a fabulous dress to wear for Christmas! Be the hottest thing this season!

Just email me @

Send a picture of your sad sweater(s), name, and phone number no later than the 3rd of DECEMBER and I will contact you to schedule a consultation for your one of a kind design on one of the 2 above dates!

Generally, I charge a consult fee of $10, but 'tis the season! 
Consult fee + Christmas = FREE!

 Designs shown above reflect a couple of different styles. You may choose one or we can design one special to your taste and style. Any extra materials used will be added to the design fee if not purchased before hand.
All designs vary in price

Gargle and Spit

So this is the final countdown! 4 days left until the show!

As the minutes and hours tick down to the big scene, I realize how unprepared I have been. Everything for the show is all lined up like little ducks in a row and then BAM! Though nothing is lost (aside from my sanity), I hold hope for something better.


The problem. Me + snotty kid = FLU


Thursday, November 17, 2011

As The World Turns

As everything is falling into place for my upcoming show, I am beginning to wonder. Not inquisitively mind you, just space cadet styley. Now that I am 14(eek!) days away from the first runway show I have ever been a part of (as well as thrown together), I am scrambling to pull all of my designs together. And then last night as I was working hard at staring at my designs, I noticed that they look a tad bit plain:( So with the crunch of time thrown aside(!), I have taken my same designs and reworked them to be more fun! It is now a collaboration of '50's style with a little Steampunk!

The top designs are the reworked visions, the bottom are the originals. I personally adore the top!

Seam ripping and zipper removal is a pain, but damn are these going to look better! So now that I have leaked a little more of what is to be seen from me, get your butts to my show! Ha! Remember, its at CLUB DAVID on DECEMBER 1ST at 830PM, doors open at 8! 21+, INTERMISSION with Martini and Cosmo tasting, MEET and GREET with DESIGNERS and MODELS after the show, DANCE PARTY following.

Did I mention its FREE!!

All designs are for ordering/purchase. There will be a merch table set up with some of the items for sale that are featured in the show.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turn Off The Radio

Not really! Turn it on!

Tired of the same old club wear? The same old little black dress? Well you can hear all about how I fix that on SiouxFallsRadio tonight!

I just got a phone call from Miss Chantelle from! I am excited to be working with her soon!

We are going to get together for a consulting this evening so she can check out my portfolio! I'm sure many ideas will be flying around and you can hear all about tonight! She comes on at 730pm so keep an ear out for your favorite local designer!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Damn the Man

Many people have asked, "Ari, do you design men's clothing?" And after a couple of months of thought and numerous inquiries.... The answer is yes! To be honest, it is a pain without all of the proper tools. The designing is easy, the execution is difficult. So far though, the finished products have been turning out quite nice. Enjoy!

A multi piece suit I am in the process of making for a dj that also works for an arts counsel.

For my little hipster hubby:) He is also modeling it in my upcoming show!

The man on the right is my fabulous tattoo artist! He asked me to make him an authentic John Lennon Sgt. Pepper costume for Halloween. He was a huge hit that night!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Entering the Playground

    I have recently started to dabble in girls clothing. Designing for them has been a blast. There seems to be no rules on how eccentric you can go. The more bows, pink, and fluff, the better. I wonder what happens as we get older... Do we become more sophisticated? Or is it the coming of age that makes us throw aside our childish wiles and take on a more 'boring' look? I'm not saying I would go prancing around in a massive ball gown that looks like a horrible '80's prom rendition, but what happened to the very effeminate '50's couture or the bustles of our past? Hmm, I will have to look further into this.

                 Anyhow, here is a sketch of some dresses I drew up for my friends  kiddos.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Doin It Our Damn Thing

The Show. The Flyer.

                                                 The Sneak Peak.

B v. W

Now, I like to think that I have a very 50's style to my designs with a modern flare, but when it comes to the interior of my home, I am addicted to anything toile or 16th century. It has such an elegant look.
So after my show in December, I am taking on the giant task of reupholstering my living room furniture. And seeing as I live in a rent controlled townhouse, I can't very well paint my walls anything fun. The upside is I won't have overstuffed crappy 'leather' furniture anymore. I will definitely be updating on the difficulties and differences of switching from making clothing to making couches. As well as in-the-process pictures. Hopefully I will be done with it before spring comes around.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Works

My Fair Zombie.

I did his make up for the annual Zombie Walk.

The hat I worked forever on. 

The left is Jessica's and the right is mine. We had to make them for the Plain Green conference out of recycled materials.

The right is mine. The whale is not. But it was really funny in person. 

I had an art show and made dress representations of my black silhouette drawings. 

The business card I designed.

Eating Cheerioes with beer

So I have decided to start a blog. YAY! Everyone has been asking for a website or facebook to find my designs. Well, fb is lame (even though I have one) and a website is too much upkeep. Suck it! HA!

Anyhow, I'm going to post some of my older designs and sneak peaks for ones I am working on. This place will be something to help sell (hopefully) and showcase my designs, my thoughts on them, and this 'world' of fashion.

At the current moment I am swamped with my up coming fashion show. It will showcase five designers, myself included, at Club David on Thursday December 1st. If you are in the area, come join us for a free night of designs, music, and fun! Oh, but anyone under 21, sorry, no admittance.