Thursday, November 17, 2011

As The World Turns

As everything is falling into place for my upcoming show, I am beginning to wonder. Not inquisitively mind you, just space cadet styley. Now that I am 14(eek!) days away from the first runway show I have ever been a part of (as well as thrown together), I am scrambling to pull all of my designs together. And then last night as I was working hard at staring at my designs, I noticed that they look a tad bit plain:( So with the crunch of time thrown aside(!), I have taken my same designs and reworked them to be more fun! It is now a collaboration of '50's style with a little Steampunk!

The top designs are the reworked visions, the bottom are the originals. I personally adore the top!

Seam ripping and zipper removal is a pain, but damn are these going to look better! So now that I have leaked a little more of what is to be seen from me, get your butts to my show! Ha! Remember, its at CLUB DAVID on DECEMBER 1ST at 830PM, doors open at 8! 21+, INTERMISSION with Martini and Cosmo tasting, MEET and GREET with DESIGNERS and MODELS after the show, DANCE PARTY following.

Did I mention its FREE!!

All designs are for ordering/purchase. There will be a merch table set up with some of the items for sale that are featured in the show.

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