Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What To Expect 2

A glimpse at my female models!
for my

 Aimee is from Renner who can tell you if its a boy or a girl!
Courtney is from Murdo and can rock your face into the ground!
Courtney is from Sioux City and wants to break into professional modeling!
 Jill is a local gal who could drink any grown man under the table!
 Nicole is a local gal and teaches all of our young minds!
 Sam is a local gal running her own daycare!
Tiff is from Texas who has done a ton of modeling before! Pic by travisPhotos.
Kayla is a local gal who is working on building a Tardis in her spare time!

I just can't wait to get this show going!
It's going to be a blast with all of the awesome people participating! 

What To Expect

Come April 12th I am hosting another Fashion Show at Club David!

If you missed December's, then you better not miss this one!

I am going bigger, better, and harder this time!!
Rock hard that is ^-^
Here are a couple of pics I found with the basic concept of how I am presenting my male line:

 These are so obviously not my models or designs.

Now, I refuse to release my designs, but take a gander at my awesome male models!
 Dallas is from Sioux City who loves to spend his time on a dirt bike!
 Dan is a local fella who is an up and coming photographer at 605 magazine!
Richard is from Texas who runs his own company!
 Sabien is from Texas who spends most of his time producing permanent art work on people's bodies.
 Tom is a local fella working on his Animation degree!

Not only am I producing an all male clothing line, but I am also doing one for ladies! You can check it out in an earlier posting!

What to expect this week right here! Behind the scenes to the flyer, exclusive interview with one of my designers!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's The Most Crazy Time Of The Year

I'm not complaining, just spinning words.

Here's some more:

Sorry, I haven't been updating of late, 'tis the season and all. But I have some very special treats coming for you all....

Keep an out here to see what's coming next!

Teaser(!) Model pictures, design progresses, designer interviews, specials, freebies and many more!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Midnight Special

Last night I started tearing through my wardrobe for the perfect interview outfit to go with my new awesome python heels. Came up with nada so I decided to make my own!

Texture on texture. Mmmm, my fave!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Latest

Amore di Archi line

Summer line being shown in April Show:) Preordering available.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


605 Magazine has asked me to possibly host a fashion show in June for their Summer Classic:) No words can describe my anticipation of our meeting to discuss this!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shout Outs!

So I've been keeping track of my stats and want to give a little love to my audience overseas! Thank you Germany and Russia! Wootwoot!

So habe ich den Überblick über meine Statistiken und wollen ein wenig Liebe zu meinem Publikum in Übersee zu geben! DankeDeutschland und Russland!

Так что я был отслеживать свою статистику и хочу дать немного любви к своей аудитории за границей! Спасибо Германии и России!

If you like my designs, I may ship internationally ;)


Yup! Little bird said the show brought in almost full capacity! It was a giant success!!!! Here's a little

 ^My models Dan and Jill rockin out in my 50's/Steampunk line^

 ^A girl for my Little Black Dress line^
 ^Bambi's model for LABEL^
 ^50's style pin up^
 ^Me doing my model's hair^
 ^Dan got a lot of booty from sporting my rockin' vest^
 ^Bambi from LABEL^

 ^Me doing Robyn's model's hair^
 ^Oh so gorgeous^

^Sarah and her girls^
^Me and a local rap artist^
^Sarah Olson doing her models makeup^

 ^My 50's line meets my Little Black Dress line^
^My big finish dress^
 ^The chaotic back room^
^Bambi's girl getting her hair done^

^Vicky's line^

 ^Bambi's line LABEL^

 ^Nicole helping Paula with her dress^
 ^Tom rocking my vest^

^Paula rocking my Little Black Dress^

 ^She really rocked the shit out of this dress^
 ^My model Robyn showing her Purse line^
 ^Another one of my big hit dress~me showing off my tats in the back^
^Miss Chan from our MC^

More pictures to come! The above ones (aside from the first 3) were taken by Aeon Designs.

Keep an eye out here for the inside scoop of what it was like behind the scenes!