Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What To Expect

Come April 12th I am hosting another Fashion Show at Club David!

If you missed December's, then you better not miss this one!

I am going bigger, better, and harder this time!!
Rock hard that is ^-^
Here are a couple of pics I found with the basic concept of how I am presenting my male line:

 These are so obviously not my models or designs.

Now, I refuse to release my designs, but take a gander at my awesome male models!
 Dallas is from Sioux City who loves to spend his time on a dirt bike!
 Dan is a local fella who is an up and coming photographer at 605 magazine!
Richard is from Texas who runs his own company!
 Sabien is from Texas who spends most of his time producing permanent art work on people's bodies.
 Tom is a local fella working on his Animation degree!

Not only am I producing an all male clothing line, but I am also doing one for ladies! You can check it out in an earlier posting!

What to expect this week right here! Behind the scenes to the flyer, exclusive interview with one of my designers!

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