Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yup! Little bird said the show brought in almost full capacity! It was a giant success!!!! Here's a little

 ^My models Dan and Jill rockin out in my 50's/Steampunk line^

 ^A girl for my Little Black Dress line^
 ^Bambi's model for LABEL^
 ^50's style pin up^
 ^Me doing my model's hair^
 ^Dan got a lot of booty from sporting my rockin' vest^
 ^Bambi from LABEL^

 ^Me doing Robyn's model's hair^
 ^Oh so gorgeous^

^Sarah and her girls^
^Me and a local rap artist^
^Sarah Olson doing her models makeup^

 ^My 50's line meets my Little Black Dress line^
^My big finish dress^
 ^The chaotic back room^
^Bambi's girl getting her hair done^

^Vicky's line^

 ^Bambi's line LABEL^

 ^Nicole helping Paula with her dress^
 ^Tom rocking my vest^

^Paula rocking my Little Black Dress^

 ^She really rocked the shit out of this dress^
 ^My model Robyn showing her Purse line^
 ^Another one of my big hit dress~me showing off my tats in the back^
^Miss Chan from SiouxFallsRadio.com our MC^

More pictures to come! The above ones (aside from the first 3) were taken by Aeon Designs.

Keep an eye out here for the inside scoop of what it was like behind the scenes!

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