Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What To Expect 2

A glimpse at my female models!
for my

 Aimee is from Renner who can tell you if its a boy or a girl!
Courtney is from Murdo and can rock your face into the ground!
Courtney is from Sioux City and wants to break into professional modeling!
 Jill is a local gal who could drink any grown man under the table!
 Nicole is a local gal and teaches all of our young minds!
 Sam is a local gal running her own daycare!
Tiff is from Texas who has done a ton of modeling before! Pic by travisPhotos.
Kayla is a local gal who is working on building a Tardis in her spare time!

I just can't wait to get this show going!
It's going to be a blast with all of the awesome people participating! 

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