Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Sale

Tired of those old crappy sweaters? Feel bad for hating the ones your grandma sent? 

Well send them Ari's way!

5DEC11 & 6DEC11

 For 2 days only I will be taking up to 8 new orders!

I will rework your ugly sweater into something beautiful and trendy so you can have a fabulous dress to wear for Christmas! Be the hottest thing this season!

Just email me @

Send a picture of your sad sweater(s), name, and phone number no later than the 3rd of DECEMBER and I will contact you to schedule a consultation for your one of a kind design on one of the 2 above dates!

Generally, I charge a consult fee of $10, but 'tis the season! 
Consult fee + Christmas = FREE!

 Designs shown above reflect a couple of different styles. You may choose one or we can design one special to your taste and style. Any extra materials used will be added to the design fee if not purchased before hand.
All designs vary in price

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